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Plastic Tree Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Plastic Tree Community

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Plastic Tree 2010 AUTUMN TOUR [月世界旅行 / Gessekai Ryokou] [30 Dec 2010|08:13pm]

Plastic Tree 2010 AUTUMN TOUR [月世界旅行 / Gessekai Ryokou]
"You are all lying...but thank you anyway" Nakayama Akira
2010/11/04 Shinagawa STELLA BALL

The hall erupted in cheers as the lights turned out and screeching guitars dragged the audience right into a different world. It was the night prior to Plastic Tree's tour final of their fall tour at Shinagawa STELLAR BALL, which had invited the audience to a journey to the moon.

Along the stage six telescope pillars had been set up, each topped with a spot light. At the beginning only the pillars where illuminated with blue lights, as they seemed to grow high out of the stage. Everything was bathed in that same dim blue light, yet an almost unnoticeable stage entry of the band members was welcomed with cheers and name shouts.
Plastic Tree opened that night with "理科室 / RIKASHITSU", all of them wearing red uniform jackets, while Ryutaro's head was graced with a large, feather decorated hat, which became more visible as the lights brightened. He had taken his guitar as well, strumming the chords together with Hasegawa Tadashi and Nakayama Akira.

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Plastic Tree and Ryutaro's Personal "Moon"! [12 Nov 2010|06:20pm]

"Do~mo~", this is Joana writing a Press Note for you!

How have you been?
With every Press Note I am writing, the holiday season seems to be drawing nearer and nearer! Last week I had been attending the Semi-Final of Plastic Tree's current autumn tour, however, I already saw the first winter illumination!
It might be that it's a matter of the place, because there were dolphins and penguins and sharks figures illuminated, as Shinagawa Stella Ball is right next to the EPSON AQUA STADIUM, but either way, it was really pretty. (laughs)
While the outside of the hall as already very extraordinary, the inside turned into a completely different world as the lights turned out and Plastic Tree entered the stage. For a moment I was expecting a UFO to fly above the many heads of the audience, because everything was just so mysterious. (laughs)

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Episode 185: A 'Happy' Friday 13th with Plastic Tree! [25 Aug 2010|07:25pm]

Episode 185: A 'Happy' Friday 13th with Plastic Tree!

Hi! This is MJP (musicJAPANplus) writer Yuki.
I've lately been working mainly on projects for MJP TV, so it's been a while since I last wrote a Press Note. How were you during that time?

On Friday the 13th, while a typhoon landed in the Tohoku region (northeastern Japan), I went to see a Plastic Tree concert. The concert's title was 'テント② / Tento②' and was held at Nippon Budokan.

Male and female fans got off at the Kudanshita subway station and into the midsummer heat. They were all wearing stylish clothes! You could tell from the way they were dressed that they were Plastic Tree fans. Some were also wearing 'yukata (summer kimono)'; that's something you only get to see during this season. By watching them I gradually got excited.

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Plastic Tree's Nakayama Akira Worried About his Rock Star Image! [30 Mar 2010|02:27pm]

We have created a lot of memories during this tour!
Plastic Tree2010 Winter Tour 【Re:chord】
Feb. 26th 2010 at C.C.Lemon Hall

Plastic Tree Live Report

On February 26th, as fans gathered out side C.C. Lemon Hall, it was Plastic Tree's Re:chord tour, which would come to an end that day with a final performance.

It had been raining all day and hadn't stopped until then. Fans were huddling under their umbrellas, trying not to get wet. However, it was evident, that not a single one of them would have wanted to miss this show, no matter the weather. As the starting time drew near, the hall filled with people taking their seats in the arena and the upper floors, the excitement almost touchable in the air. The on-stage screen showed the band logo and mystic music was playing in the back.


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Plastic Tree's Nakayama Akira Worried About his Rock Star Image! [04 Mar 2010|06:42pm]

Episode 156: Plastic Tree's Nakayama Akira Worried About his Rock Star Image!

Hi there!

How have you been lately?
This Joana from musicJAPANplus and I would really like spring to start already! It is still neither hot nor cold and I can never really decide what to wear, because it might either be too cold or too hot. However, the spring season is certainly around the corner. Stores and shops are decorated with Sakura motives and special items for the cherry blossom season. I saw Bonzai cherry trees at a store the other day. Of course they weren't blooming yet, but they still looked very cute and I so hope to see some more really soon!

Last Friday on the 26th the weather wasn't very much like spring. It had been raining all day and even when I went to see Plastic Tree at C.C.Lemon Hall in Shibuya, it hadn't stopped. Fans had gathered in front the hall, huddling under their umbrellas and trying not to get wet.

Continue to read.......

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Plastic Tree New Album 'ドナドナ / Donna Donna' Release Interview [24 Dec 2009|02:18pm]

The interview with Plastic Tree has been updated.
Both Japanese and English versions are available!!

■Plastic Tree ニューアルバム『ドナドナ』発売記念インタビュー
2009年、Plastic Treeの集大成を、このアルバムでー

2009年は、佐藤ケンケンを迎えて新たに一歩を踏み出したPlastic Tree。そんな彼らの、2009年の集大成でもあるニューアルバムが12月23日に
リリースされる。メンバーがこのアルバムに込めた想いとは?そして、 このアルバムを通して、私たちに届けるメッセージとは?今年を振り返りながら、アルバムについて、答えてもらった。

■Plastic Tree New Album 'ドナドナ / Donna Donna' Release Interview
Album to Wrap Up 2009 of Plastic Tree

In 2009 Plastic Tree made a fresh start by welcoming the new member Sato Kenken. On December 23rd they will release a new album that is meant to bring together everything that happened this year. What are the members' thoughts about the album? What sort of messages are they trying to send to their fans? The Plastic Tree members talked about their album in detail, while also looking back at this year.

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sale post [23 Dec 2009|03:12am]


I'm going to South America in two weeks and then moving out of my house, so I need money urgently, so I (paifully) decided to sell most of my jrock collection.

Including nine Keras and lots of magazines with Plastic Tree in them!

Please go to my journal to see my sales post!

Thank you very much!
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A little question.... [16 Nov 2009|08:24pm]

... well it's almost Christmas and a young mother needs money.

So I want to ask, if somebody is interested in the DVD

Merry go around the world?

It's the first press limited edition with the box and a T-Shirt... ok that Shirt is worn but ok.

Thank you!
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Plastic Tree Live Report! [05 Oct 2009|07:01pm]

 Read our latest live report of Plastic Tree!!

The concert on August 30th was the second time for Plastic Tree to perform at Nippon Budokan. But this time they had a new member, Drummer Sato Kenken. What sort of live performance had they in store for the fans? Even from before the concert, expectations were running high. The live performance was sure to become a turning point for the band. The following is a play-by-play account of the important concert.

[REPORT] Welcome to the World of Plastic Tree!

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Quartet Plastic Tree returns! [22 Jul 2009|12:13am]

Dear friends!

Plastic Tree became a quartet again! The new band member's name is Kenken (ケンケン) and you could see him on the free concert at Yoyogi Park.
musicJAPANplus, the biggest webzine about Japanese music, is proud to represent to you the full report about this show!
Just check it out!!


Moreover, Plastic Tree confirmed the merchandise list for their tour ‘梟一座★夏行脚 / Fukuro Ichiza★Natsu Angya’!!!

Do you want to know more? Click here musicjapanplus.jp/news/


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Plastic Tree icons [20 Jul 2009|09:40pm]

25AADBSK 3 Special
21 FT Island
12Plastic Tree


Here @ puccachan
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wallpapers [06 Jul 2009|12:36pm]

{ • 22 Wallpapers }
→ 2NE1 (1) → 2PM (2) → After School (1) → Alex {Clazziquai Project} (1) → D'espairsRay (3) → Gackt (2) → Moran (2) → mucc (1) → Nightmare (1) → Plastic Tree (2) → SHINee (2) → Shin Hyesung {Shinhwa} (1) → SS501 (1) → V6 (2)


GET! @ d_f_g
(locked in one week)
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zetsubou no oka [05 Jul 2009|09:17pm]

I made a fan art for one of plastic tree's songs :D
I was wondering if anyone would wanna see it here:

<- clicky :D

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PlastiC Tree fanart [06 Jan 2009|02:50pm]

[ mood | tired ]

hello ^_^
Made Plastic Tree fanart fr you 8D

*click for larger image~
it's not perfect xD first time I've used water-colours since I was 10 x)

however I hope you like it ^__^

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Plastic Tree SETLIST for BERLIN <3 [18 Oct 2008|02:14am]


Plastic Tree 16.1o.2oo8 Berlin (the Magnet (club))

o1. 眠れる森 (Nemureru Mori)
o2. イロゴト (Irogoto)
o3. エレジー (Elegy)
o4. リプレイ (Replay)
o5. アローンアゲイン、ワンダフルワールド (Alone Again, Wonderful World)
o6. 空中ブランコ (Kuuchu Buranko)
o7. 秘密のカーニバル (Himitsu No Carnival)
o8. hate red, dip it
o9. 怪物くん (Kaibutsu-kun)
1o. 雪蛍 (Yuki Hotaru)
11. 涙腺回路 (Ruisen Kaire)
12. メランコリック (Melancholic)
13. 真っ赤な糸 (Makka Na Itto)
14. 雨ニ唄エバ (Ame Ni Utaeba)
15. 針槐 (Harienju)
16. Ghost

*0*/ (so when some interesst or whatever!!!!! @.@)
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